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  • Maxcy on 2015-Jun-17 06:15:44 Maxcy said

    This sort of boundary % black and white is siomtemes quite troublesome. But, I do think it is good to open your blog/journal for comments, coz somehow it is still very encouraging to have people responding to what you have wrote. ^^ eh well, just feel you are a very poor guy having to reply to dozens of messages everyday, which seems never-ending sigh T_T honestly, I feel frustrated whenever I come across comments like these it is just like a cycle newbies step into the gothic lolita field. After acquiring certain knowledge about the scene, they start to fighting against each other verbally with a view to confirm theirselves as an eligible one And one more thing, it's a trend I guess. Many people nowadays are impulse-driven: Responding without reading and thinking thoroughly about the 6Ws. (that's why I say you are poor)XDXD~ perhaps let's put an end to this discussion, shall we? because the next debate will be staged somewhere again one day UNLESS we all learn how to accept and appreciate others. ^^ p.s. my comments are in fact very local and rude( in cantonese~ because I was too tired when I gave the comment~ )
  • Bulan on 2015-Jun-18 07:23:02 Bulan said

    Hello hello,so it's the second time I try General Tso's Restaurant, on 5227 Godown Road. First time I went I<a href="http://iwtvjncdtat.com"> psoimred</a> to myself I'd never go there again, but then had to oblige a friend who has a sentimental connection to the place. And I'm so glad I did! Second time around, it was delicious! I think it was mostly that on my first visit I had ordered the regular Americanized dishes off the menu. Second visit, I tried some of the appetizers, salads, some of their larger pots, and it was to die for. So if you go there, be adventurous, you won't regret it! Hubby and wife run, they're quite the sweet couple. And while you're out there, go next door for good Lebanese produce and groceries;)
  • Usertest on 2015-Jun-20 11:19:13 Usertest said

    For a not-at-all-intimidating option over on 845 W 5th Ave is Coco's Grill tukced in a strip mall next to a state liquor store and a Burger King. It's a nice little Chinese place that has some good vegetarian dishes, usually included in the Chinese-only daily specials which they'll gladly translate for you.Another place of interest for Chinese would have to be Joy's Village next to OSU just north of Panda Express. I'm a fan of the Indonesian ( Indostea on the menu) fried rice and I'm not even a fan of fried rice. They also have more unusual offerings like pickled pork intestines (OK. I haven't gotten around to ordering those yet) and a good sign is the family and staff eat there. http://vvqltcnzl.com [url=http://adbfabfd.com]adbfabfd[/url] [link=http://cccfkwddh.com]cccfkwddh[/link]
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